Shepherdstown – Climb to the top of the rock and gaze back fondly upon the last 50 years of life in Shepherdstown and the surrounding areas.  Recall for a few moments that this culturally rich, ecumenically solid town is so unique because of the people who live here and the community-focused work that we undertake together.  Looking back upon those five decades is akin to a vision of fireflies on a summer field toward evening – bright moments and darkness, both magical and enchanting.

Come meet local author Lori Kelly as she signs copies of her recently published book, “Still On This Rock”.  In 1970, Gladys Hartzell, a member of the Shepherdstown Lutheran Parish, published a 200 year “scrapbook style” history of life in this Jefferson County parish titled “On This Rock.” Her work spanned the years 1765 – 1965.  Lori has chronicled the subsequent fifty year period by examining the influential shifting societal sands which led to the civil rights movements, altered organized religion trends, women’s rights, the Vietnam War and the vast landscape of some of the local organizations we created in response.

Several book signing and reception events are planned and all are welcome to attend.  On Sunday, October 14 at 9am – St. James’ Lutheran Church in Uvilla, the services will include a blessing of the books by Pastor Karen Erskine-Valentine. Afterward, Lori will be happy to sign books for church members. A blessing and signing will also occur on the same date at 11am – at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Shepherdstown.  On Sunday, October 21st, from 3pm-5pm, Lori will describe some of her favorite stories and answer your questions about life among the archives.  A book signing and discussion will take place at the Community Club in Shepherdstown.   Admission is free and refreshments will be provided.  Books will be available for sale.  Details are also available on Facebook at

About the Author:

Lori Kelly is a member of the St. Peter’s Lutheran Church.  She has lived in Shepherdstown for twenty years and has had the privilege of serving her church, local non-profit organizations, and numerous community efforts.  Her love of history, coupled with her love of Shepherdstown, led her to continue Gladys Hartzell’s story of this enduring, dynamic aspect of our local history.