Parish Newsflash   April 18, 2019

Holy Week Edition


Today will be just what is going on from this evening until Sunday afternoon. We wish you a blessed Holy week and Easter day.

The Parish

Please Come and Join Us!

April 18th Maundy Thursday Service

Will be held at St Peter’s at 7:00 pm

April 19th Good Friday Service

Will be held at St James’ at 7:00 pm

 April 20th Saturday Easter Virgil

Will be held at St. Peter’s at  7:45 pm

 April 21st  Sunday The Resurrection of our Lord Sunrise Service will be held at St. James’ 6:30 am

Holy Communion Easter Services

St. James’ 9:00 am and St. Peter’s 11:00 am

*A breakfast will be offered right after the sunrise service at St. James’*

Easter Egg Hunts

St. James’ will hold the hunt after the worship service

St. Peter’s will start at 10:15 before the 11:00 service